How would it feel to be reconnected to your intimate female energy residing in your womb?

Whether we have our womb intact or have suffered a hysterectomy, whether we have been pregnant or not, the energy of the womb is ever present inside our energetic matrix and is seated in our creativity centre. This is our place of power.

Redefining power is paramount, as the connotations in existence with this word carry a forceful meaning. Power as we have experienced it for a long time has been and still is, akin to war to abuse and suffering.

It is time to rescue the word, the concept of power, the field from which we create our world, our realities, that of our communities and our babies, if we are called to be mothers.

The relationship between mother and daughter is a complex one.

Chances are that you are still ‘carrying’ your mother in your field. This is a natural occurrence albeit a burdensome one. Many traits in a female lineage keep being inherited, the good, the bad and the ugly! Time for a spring clean, we may as well go into the whole lineage.

When we release our mothers from our personal field, we stand a chance to step into our true womanhood. It doesn’t matter if your mother is still walking this world or not, the work is powerful and liberating.

Healing female trauma.

Have you suffered a miscarriage, a termination or a difficult birth – your own or that of your baby?

Work with me to heal and release the memories embedded in your field.

I also offer ceremonies to honour the beings who visited us for a time before moving on to another plane of existence, those babies who did not stay long enough to walk beside us, whatever the reason.


  • Connect with your Power Centre
  • Restore Integrity to your womb after a hysterectomy
  • Create your Reality from your Female Core
  • Unearth this Woman, change the World


  • Discover the kind of lover that you truly are
  • Open yourself to loving relationships with your women-folk
  • Become the mother, the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the grandmother that lives inside of you


  • Release trauma from your psyche and your body
  • Connect with the sacred in your life