Marie-Claire helped me to identify and sweep away ideas, blocks, emotional ties and lots of stuff that I was hanging on to and that I really didn’t know how to shift.

That’s big stuff and little stuff. Her work literally shifts stuff!

The work we did together literally changed how I view my life. When I get stuck, I think about our sessions, and I get taken back to where I would feel, “Ah, I get it now” with such relief.

Her work makes life seem so simple when viewed from a different perspective.

The chord cutting ceremony we did has been the single most powerful healing of my relationship with my mother, such a powerful experience! I am so grateful to
Marie-Claire for taking me through it.

I cannot recommend Marie-Claire and her work highly enough.

Working with Marie-Claire has been absolutely transformational. After just a few sessions I felt so much more in tune with my heart, my intuition, and ready to be in charge of my emotional wellbeing.

I have found great value in the really practical tools that I got and I am now applying when I need to dig myself out of any lows.

What really surprised me was how simple she made challenging aspects of life to be.

She is a wise, laser sharp and non compromising mentor, who serves your highest good every step of the way. This is a nurturing woman, grounded and spiritual.

Working with Marie-Claire is worth months, if not years of studying and therapy. So if you are tired of wasting your life and not getting where you want to be,
Marie-Claire is your woman!

Last year, I found myself in a troubling place. I felt lost and having gone through a turbulent few months I was looking for something or someone to turn to. A friend of mine recommended Marie-Claire and this was a massive turning point in my life.

Marie Claire not only provided me with an amazing life coaching programme, she also helped me to connect with myself on a much deeper level. She was encouraging and inspired me to look outside the box that was making me feel so trapped.

I can’t recommend Marie-Claire highly enough, my experience was truly life changing and something I will take with me through the rest of my life.

I have had several healing sessions with Marie-Claire. With each one, her intuitions and gentle guidance always give me fantastic insights and clarity related to issues which sometimes I am not even aware of.

I always feel a great sense of peace after a healing session with Marie-Claire. Her encouragement and empathy have helped me to move forward with greater awareness in several areas of my life.