As an intuitive mentor, I bring all of myself, all I have experienced, and all I have trained in and developed – as a clairvoyant, body-worker, energy healer, and teacher – to our work together.

If you are serious about your commitment to living a fulfilled existence and contribute your joy to the world – in the form of experiencing a thriving relationship, creating a financially care-free life, living with abundant energy, mastering your time to suit you and crafting a professional career that matches your calling – then this is for you.

Why work with me?

I am totally devoted to supporting those who are dedicated to finding the best version of themselves, as I am. If you want to be served by someone who walks their talk, I am such a person. I believe in your uniqueness and in your absolute right and responsibility to shine. Having walked many paths, my vast life experience is what makes me a well rounded practitioner.

My mentoring skills are unquestionably enhanced by my psychic ability. To master these skills I have invested a life-time to learning about the human mind and consciousness through reading, studying, and practice. I started learning about energy, training in the healing arts to understand our subtle anatomy and complemented this with an Anatomy and Physiology diploma. I became acquainted with the psychosomatic world: how our emotional states affect our health and the decisions we make.

My clairvoyant practice is a place where I provide my clients with creative guidance to empower their decisions in life. It is supported with my Intuitive Mentoring work, where I effectively supply my clients with the right tools for stepping into powerful, deliberate action.

This way of working is fast and thorough, enabling permanent change.

I am passionate about mentoring because I believe in our ability for rebirth and our responsibility to live a fulfilling existence that will impact the world.

Marie-Claire helped me to identify and sweep away ideas, blocks, emotional ties and lots of stuff that I was hanging on to and that I really didn’t know how to shift. That’s big stuff and little stuff. Her work literally shifts stuff!

The work we did together literally changed how I view my life. When I get stuck, I think about our sessions, and I get taken back to where I would feel, “Ah, I get it now” with such relief.

Her work makes life seem so simple when viewed from a different perspective.

The chord cutting ceremony we did has been the single most powerful healing of my relationship with my mother, such a powerful experience! I am so grateful to Marie-Claire for taking me through it.

I cannot recommend Marie-Claire and her work highly enough.


A little insight into my colourful past

I moved from my home-town in Madrid to London where I experienced the bubbling 80s. I was a fire-eater and performed as a mime artist. I also worked in make up and in scouting location for shoots for some very interesting photographers. It was a crazy fun-filled life, with lots of travel and Ibiza times.

Having decided to earn a more stable income I got my first well paid job going around the world with an international advertising agency, interviewing dignitaries, as well as CEOs. The fast lane was a very stressed out lane, so I left to become a mother, twenty- seven years ago.

Motherhood opened up for me a completely different set of experiences and values. I have had the privilege of supporting countless amazing women birthing their babies as a doula. This is as close to the miracle of life as one can get!

My gift to you is my ability to reflect back, with mind-blowing accuracy, your authentic, powerful and unique identity. I provide you with a plan for your journey, as well as helping you realise the gifts that you have at your disposal and how to use them. Integrating life-lessons can be hairy at times, but it is so much more exciting than accepting someone else’s status quo!

My clients never cease to inspire me and to motivate my dedication to my work. Their courage to explore and take risks confirms time and again, that the only road worth traveling is the road to freedom through the discovery of Our True Self. We are responsible for unveiling who we really are. The prize is worth the journey.  This is a personal invitation to Unleash your Maverick and never look back!

Thank you for trusting me to serve you to the best of my abilities.