unleash your maverick

For Healers, Coaches, and Transformational Agents…

Join us for a new series of 3 (free) Journeys: The Warriors of Light!

 Journey within your Merkaba to connect with Gaia’s Merkaba.

What are we fighting for?

Why warriors?

We are living in a planet that is at war. The Human species is at war within itself; it is at war with the planet. 

Love is the underpinning for the devotion needed to serve as a warrior of Light.

Ignite the devotion, the discipline (disciple), the DNA programme to re-connect the warrior’s make-up for the age of illumination and love. Discover the unique warrior that you are!

Join Marie-Claire de la Seigne, master healer,

channeler, clairvoyant, teacher, intuitive life coach,
for FREE transformational Teleseminars

and powerful energy transmissions:



Each teleseminar will include:

  • Group teaching and discussion

  • Energetic experiential shifts

  • Guided journey into the field we are exploring


You can find all our previous journeys in our Facebook group, “Mavericks in Action.”