Clairvoyant Readings

In a reading the clairvoyant, or channel, opens up a tunnel of energy to access a Higher frequency where the information available comes from the Highest version of yourself, the person asking for guidance, via the clairvoyant. This Highest version of yourself is free from pain and the drama of human life.

I may channel my own Highest guidance for you which can come from my Guides, those beings who are helping me in this human existence, lending you a hand at the time of the session.

I have been working as a channel for the Light since 1999, helping many resolve difficult states of mind, take important business decisions, make career moves, look into relationship issues and all of our fundamental human life situations.

After your reading you will come away with renewed clarity and practical recommendations.

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Readings last 60 minutes.
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Marie-Claire told me that I would be helping people make a living from doing what they love. Hmmm, I thought – I don’t even know how to do that for myself! Well, fast-forward a bit and here I am – a business coach for heart-centred entrepreneurs! She told me I had enough skills- no more trainings! And that now was the time to focus on the ‘business side’ of my development. This direction led me to learn all about marketing and fall in love with it as I realised that, at heart, it is all about communication. The direction that she gave me allowed me to take risky steps with confidence, knowing I was heading in the right direction. Without this I might have floundered around for a while longer, instead of getting grounded with the business skills, which I now LOVE teaching. Marie-Claire obviously puts a lot of care and energy into her readings, is very focussed on you and gives you the bits you need to hear right now so that it’s not too overwhelming and never vague. She is a wonderfully magical soul with enough twinkle in her eyes to put you at ease when experiencing the strength of her powerful gift.
Katharine Wolf

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