Our energy fields attract others. Patterns become embedded, memories of experiences and links to people and places, are kept alive, making us fearful of the often inevitable repetition of past circumstances. The energy of an experience lodged in our energy field will act like a magnet, attracting a similar “re-run”.

This technique literally cuts “the cords”, or energetic links that weigh us down and clip our wings, allowing us to live in our own energy field without unwanted influences. It can also act as a “spring-clearing” for current relationships, bringing them up to date.

It is our responsibility to free ourselves from inherited patterns. They stem from our families and our cultural backgrounds, often having very little to do with who we really are.

This can be done as often as necessary.

The Forgiveness Process

Holding resentment against another is a very costly state of affairs. Resentment robs us of energy, a vital resource that we need in order to run a healthy body-mind. It also keeps us vibrating at a low frequency where we will inevitably attract circumstances and people who don’t bring love and joy into our world. Furthermore, resentment keeps alive the very situation(s) that made us suffer, in the first place.

In this session, we release, forgive, those who have hurt us in anyway and we also forgive them, if that is appropriate, for holding resentment against us. It is a beautiful process, powerfully healing and empowering.

Soul-Level Vow Breaking, Revision of Contracts, Writing New Decrees

Before we incarnate into this particular existence, we enter into a contract with the planet and other beings. We also take vows to experience certain realities whilst incarnated. It is important to rescind all vows that we have  taken, which do not serve the life that we consciously agree to lead. For instance, we may have taken vows of poverty, or chastity, which don’t match the awakening we have undergone in this life-time. These also may be out of synch with  the shifts the planet is undergoing and those of the whole human race. We also can ask for the release of all genetic limitations, veils, cellular memory, thought forms, emotions and such like. This is where we reset our compass to match our consciousness.

Decrees are extremely powerful, they are done from our own sovereignty.

Entity Release

We may have entered into agreements with certain entities, consciously or unconsciously, or that anyone in your genetic lineage has made. These agreements can be made when go through times of fear or need. These entities will attach themselves to us in exchange for some sort of comfort but at a cost to us.

In this session we break all those agreements; to free our energy field of unwanted influences and we release them to be transmuted into another form of light.

These sessions can be booked individually
as well as being incorporated alongside the Intuitive Mentoring Programme.

Individual sessions last 60 minutes.

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