Establish a prosperous doula practice by learning the energetics behind it.

Discover the ease of successful doulaing.

Raise your practice to the next level by going beyond marketing!

Are you ready to step up to the call of the New Earth and also be successful in your practice?

How can you nurture yourself and run a thriving practice where every birth is part of your own growth as well as a gift to the world?


In this workshop you will:

  • Gain a new perspective on who your client really is the soul of the unborn child – and how to powerfully connect with them before the birth.

  • Deepen your understanding of the parents-to-bediscovering their strengths and challenges – so your service can be more precise in ways that support both them and you.

  • Learn how to use energy to target your market with ease.

  • Learn to value  yourself stepping out of the “giving too much” syndrome – in order to model self-love for the women you serve.


Date: Saturday, 11th February, 2017
Venue: London TBA
Investment: £77

Contact Marie-Claire to discuss more details.


We will be using journaling, guided visualisation, role playing, and techniques to connect to the fields of energy. You will also learn how to protect and clear your own energy field before and after the birth.

You will be learning life-enhancing tools that you will be able to apply to any situation, besides your practice. I will record the guided visualisation and send it to you in MP3 format so you can replay it at your convenience.

Join this workshop so you can take your next steps toward a fulfilling and prosperous practice.


MC's NewsletterMarie-Claire Rodriguez is a birth doula, a master healer, and a teacher. She leads workshops and monthly Journeys with her group, “Mavericks in Action.” She also runs a private practice where she mentors and coaches her clients.