Ready to enter the birthing room?

Your new Self is waiting to be born.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

Our world is stirring to be reborn from its ashes, like a golden phoenix.

What about you?  Are you ready for your own rebirth?

You know you have so much to offer this ailing world but you don’t see how you can.

Deep down, you know that it’s time to step into action, but you’re not sure how.


How can you contribute to the world when your own life is still being assembled?

And yet, something is calling you to be the leader in your community that you know in your heart you can be.

I invite you to step into the birthing room for your new life – now.

You are now ready to birth this new you into a world that is calling you.

You may feel fear about giving birth to this new self that you and your community are waiting for. But you are ready, fear and all.

For you are part of the new world emerging, that is being born of the ashes of the old one.

You ARE the new world!

JOIN ME if you are ready to birth your new self, if you are ready to become the leader that your heart is longing to be, that the world is calling you to be!