unleash your maverick

For Healers, Coaches, and Transformational Agents…

Are you ready to vibrate at a different frequency, one where you are no longer supporting the Pain Paradigm (also known as the Patriarchy era)?

Are you willing to invest your life force in building a New Earth?

Do you feel curious to meet your expanded Self from the Future of the planet?

Traveling between time-lines, becoming adept at sensing different energy fields and choosing which suits you best is our exciting path.

You wouldn’t feel called if this weren’t your time. It is this new time you have come to usher in.

Join us, this community of Mavericks in Motion.

Lend us your presence on the Journeys that I channel to support that wild heart of yours, your Maverick Unleashed!

Together we are powerful beyond the meaning of the word itself.

Join Marie-Claire de la Seigne, master healer,
channeler, clairvoyant, teacher, intuitive life coach,
for a FREE transformational Teleseminar

and powerful energy transmission:


TIME: 7 – 8.30 pm GMT,  2.00 – 3.30 pm ET, 11 am – 12.30 pm PT



Each teleseminar will include:

  • Group teaching and discussion

  • Focus on individual challenges with that aspect

  • Guided journey into the field of that particular aspect


You can find all our previous journeys in our Facebook group, “Mavericks in Action.”